Staging a home has proven results:

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the process of preparing a property for market whereby increasing its appeal to a larger base of home buying consumers. Ultimately, Staging allows you to maximize the return on your property investment. 

Research indicates that you only have 6 minutes to ‘engage’ a potential buyer once they see your house. Staging sets the scene to create immediate buyer interest by highlighting the space, light and architectural features, and by minimizing any property challenges which can negatively impact a potential buyer. 

The good news is that Staged properties increase traffic, sell faster than non-Staged homes, and encourage more offers. This will lead to your property selling for the highest possible price in today’s tough real estate market. 

What is the investment of Home Staging? The price of Staging is always significantly less than the price reduction that your realtor will suggest if the property languishes on the market.

Can you afford not to invest in Staging? 

Home Staging

  • Transform your property to appeal to a broader buying market
  • Highlight and maximize architectural features
  • Minimize potential property challenges in the minds of buyers
  • Maximize your property investment by selling more quickly and at a higher return

New Home Set-Up

  • Design an appealing space using existing furniture, artwork and accessories
  • Create a space that reflects the taste of the homeowner(s) through color selection and furniture placement
  • Manage Move-in/Move-out with vendors
  • Beautiful and comfortable from the start! 

Interior Redesign

  • Enhance your quality of living by reusing existing furniture & accessories
  • Create continuous flow and movement between rooms
  • Provide recommendations for future home purchases


We offer to our clients a diverse blend of professional experience, not only in home staging and interior design, but also in visual merchandising, sales and marketing.